Unconditional Responsibility and Who We Are

Unconditional Responsibility in our lives always aligns with who we are as people. As human beings we are endowed with creative ability – our thoughts allow us to create anything once we recognize that we possess this power. We must think about what we really want and keep this in our minds until it is realized in our reality.

My personal example of this was my becoming a dentist. I thought about it, desired it, began applying myself to it, went to interviews, took hundreds of tests, and persisted at it until it became my reality. It merely started with a thought – a thought that persisted in my mind and finished in my reality. I continued to stay focused on my goal and I created a reality where I am a dentist!

You can create whatever reality you desire for yourself as well! For example, if you are unhappy with your health, start by correcting your thoughts. Correct thoughts lead to correct actions or they are not correct! What I mean by this is simply, if we are unhappy in our current situations we merely need think of ways that we can correct this and then pursue those options.

We are our own creators! That is who we are!