Weekends Don’t Mean Work Ends

What a scary thought! Many people think that it’s a ridiculous notion to continue working on the weekends. How could you be expected to work all week every week? Very simply: if you are serving others through your passion, you won’t want to stop working! With a UCR mindset you will have a sense of urgency and desire to get things done. This isn’t to say that you have to work the typical 8 hours on the weekend, leaving yourself no time for anything else. Simply making yourself available at all times makes a world of difference.

Making yourself available means being there to answer your phone, the ability to look at your email, and not telling your clients or secretary that you cannot be reached until you physically return to the office. Most of us have been told by others, and have even convinced ourselves, that work stays at the office, yet imagine how much more we can accomplish by being there for our clients or patients whenever they need us. Just because you are on a certain schedule doesn’t mean that your client is on that same schedule. Say, for example, you are working with a foreign client – chances are this person doesn’t observe the same holidays or even the same business practices as you. And if you miss a call by this individual, you miss your chance to serve them.

In fact, just such an example exists: a salesman at a tent company happened to briefly be at work on the 4th of July. He was the only one in the office as all of his coworkers were out celebrating and the office was technically closed. A client called in, a wealthy Arabian prince of sorts, and ordered millions of dollars in product. Because this lone man was there to answer the phone on a day that most people weren’t, he was able to make a million dollar deal. Had no one been there, the company would have lost this money and the client would have likely moved onto someone else who was willing to pick up the phone.

Our lives should revolve around our passions and, by extension, our work. We should constantly be striving to improve – to evolve. You see, serving others in this life is our one true, shared purpose and when we start believing that this is a burden that is when we cease to grow as individuals. Start becoming Unconditionally Responsible today by picking up your phone and being there for your clients and patients!

By Unconditional Responsibility