Upcoming Seminar!

UCR’s basic philosophy is whatever you have in your life you have attracted by the person you have become. This frees us from the tyranny of outside forces to understand that we are cause. It is our EGO that keeps us operating on the level of effects. Those who choose to live in the “Blue Ocean”  – the open limitless seas of life –  understand that we are cause.

Embodying the philosophy of UCR opens the door to that new life. Your “AHA!” moment arrives. I am cause, I am cause, I am cause, finds its residence in your subconscious mind. Once there, you have access to the universal mind that guides and directs, to show you your way to live the life you love.

Join us on October 6th, 2017 in Park City, Utah for our seminar on Unconditional Responsibility and Abundance.  By attending you will re-infuse your subconscious with thoughts of abundance. It takes tremendous discipline to use your conscious mind (your choice) to sink into your subconscious mind. Once there you will automatically repel scarcity thought and attract abundant thoughts – come and learn more!  I guarantee the time and money you invest will be worth it. See you soon!