More on Unconditional Responsibility and Thoughts

Unconditional Responsibility teaches us that whatever situation we have in life we have attracted by the person we have become. Using reasons like parents, bad relationships, and poor health for situations in our lives does not help us improve ourselves and does not help us conquer the challenges that we face. Once a philosophy of Unconditional Responsibility is adopted, your life will constantly improve because you have finally accepted the infinite power you have over your life.

The power that I speak of is the power of thought. Our thoughts define everything that we allow to happen to us. We receive positive outcomes from positive thoughts and negative outcomes from negative thoughts. As we learn to have only positive thoughts our lives will consist of only positive outcomes. We must think of what we want, not what we do not want. Thought is the ultimate force with which every human being is endowed.

For example, it is a common practice to provide for those who are old. Once we retire, we rely on the money we have saved up and the government to help us through the rest of our lives. Money does not prevent illness, disease, or weakness. You can be wealthy with the best home and nurses to watch over you, but that doesn’t save you from the pain and debility of sickness. Once we see ourselves as old and decrepit, our minds actually cause us to become old and decrepit. We are what we believe we are. Positive thoughts can save us from a life of sickness and weakness!

Once you realize the power of your thoughts, once you understand that you need to keep yourself healthy through a proper diet and exercise, you will prove that age is just a number! You will be healthy, you will want to work, and you will change the world! Change your thoughts, so you can change your life!