More on Unconditional Responsibility and Love

When referring to our love of others we like to use the phrase “unconditional,” though, like most things, we say this without fully appreciating what it means. When you love someone unconditionally, by definition, it means you love that person regardless of what they choose to do. If you are truly unconditionally responsible and if you truly love somebody unconditionally, that means that what that person does cannot affect you – this is because you have attracted whatever it is they have done by your own negative thoughts or actions. Therefore, negative energies may exist all around us, but none of them affect us and what we are doing. And if what these people do does affect you and you are unconditionally responsible, then you will still love them because whatever it is they may have done will help teach you a lesson that you needed to learn. Everything we do is for the greater good and that lesson will help you move toward your greater good. We should thank others for playing a part in our greater good.

Of course, at the time it doesn’t seem like these people are helping us work toward our greater good. However, when we begin to understand that everything we do is for our own personal and spiritual growth we begin to see that there are lessons in everything – we need only look for them. The new knowledge we gain aids us in enduring and continuing to learn new things, persisting in embracing the things we encounter through life. Our thoughts illuminate and create our pathways in life. Our thoughts are our power. The poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy says it best in his poem “Ode”: “We are the music makers,/ And we are the dreamers of dreams.”