UCR and Rolling Out of Bed


Never has mankind faced a bigger threat than the inability to roll out of bed with any sort of real enthusiasm. The groggy fight against heavy eyelids, that nagging voice in the back of our minds saying, “Just a little longer,” and of course the irritation toward whatever it is that has caused us to get up so early. With all of these things working in tandem how could one not want to fall back asleep? Perhaps we can motivate ourselves with a quick reminder every morning of why it is we are getting up so early: to better ourselves and the lives of others.

We might wake up early because we know we have to work out and, since exerting oneself is the last thing one wants to do upon initially waking up, we can remind ourselves that in order to live longer and help ourselves and others better, we have a responsibility to maintain ourselves. Perhaps we are waking up early because we know we wanted to study something to better help us work on something in the future. It is easy to put a thing off that we want to do versus things that we have to do, that is why it’s even more important to remind ourselves of why we get up so early in the morning to work on these various things that we might feel we don’t necessarily have to do right then. A truly Unconditionally Responsible individual knows that all of these endeavors are important to personal and financial growth.

If we do, in fact, have to wake up for something more pressing than working out or studying something new, we might consider reminding ourselves that the only way to move forward in life is to work for it and that in order to get all that we have ever wanted we must gain it through sacrificing the lazy, complacent versions of ourselves. You might even consider waking up earlier than you have to in order to read or do something that you want to do, just to help motivate yourself to get up. It’s much easier to get up for things we want to do rather than things we have to do.

We have a responsibility to the world to be the best we can be and to move it forward – heavy eyelids are no excuse to put that off!