UCR and the Defeatist

For a lot of people motivation can be an everyday struggle. It’s so much simpler to go to the job we hate and do the work we don’t want to do day in and day out. How often we peruse Facebook and other social media pages during times when we should be working toward something.

Complacency and a lack of persistence are a dangerous combination plaguing most people every day. Why would we work toward something grand, risking failure and humiliation when we could live a small life with few accomplishments? Why go out of our way to strive for that promotion, which requires us to do more, when we are comfortable here with less?

Think of how often you’ve heard someone say, “Yeah, maybe I’ll do that someday” or “That’s just too much work.” I’m sure each one of us has heard it multiple times each day. We complain that we don’t have enough, yet refuse to put forth the effort required to obtain more. It’s a sad truth and one that needs to be remedied.

We need to start with that defeatist mindset of ours. We can’t expect to change anything if we maintain the same lazy attitude toward our goals and aspirations. We have settled for things too often and for far too long. It’s time for us to follow our dreams and our passions. It’s time for us to work toward something even while others tell us we will fail. It’s time to lift ourselves and those around us up. It’s time to be Unconditionally Responsible for all that goes on in our lives.