Going to Work: An Interpretation of the Daily Struggle Part III

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day

Over the past two posts we’ve taken a look at two different mindsets when it comes to getting your day started: the first focused on the individual who was irritated by her morning routine and did everything last minute, while the second focused on the individual who had her morning routine planned and who was able to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of it.

There are a lot of small things in life that we don’t put very much stock in. Be it our morning routine, time for ourselves, or taking the time to build up an understanding of something – it just feels like we’re constantly worried about the big stuff without realizing that the big stuff is a culmination of the little stuff.

A good example of how the lesser leads to the larger can be found in music. When you begin learning an instrument or how to read music, you don’t immediately start with complex works – you start by plucking a string, or finding middle C, or blowing through a horn; you start by learning what quarter notes are and how many beats they get, or what a measure looks like, or what a treble clef is. You start out with the basics because music is complicated and you need a foundation with which to build on.

The same goes for life. If we don’t have a solid foundation, if we haven’t learned the basics, how can we hope to tackle the more intricate aspects of life? You can even (and should) look at it on a much smaller scale in that your daily life is affected by the foundation that you’ve created with your mornings: if you don’t get out of bed until noon, you’re going to see that effect on the rest of your day; if you wake up irritated or late, the rest of your day will reflect that mentality.

But if you start every day off well – if you’re happy to be awake, yearning to learn, spend the time to take care of your body, and prep yourself for the rest of the day – there isn’t much you can’t accomplish. Keep life simple by building off of a foundation you’ve created. It works with the understanding and application of most everything else – why wouldn’t it work for your life as well?

Feel free to share your foundations for everyday life. I always appreciate hearing them and so do many others.