Going to Work: An Interpretation of the Daily Struggle Part II

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  – Steve Jobs

We’ve taken a look at what a morning looks like for someone who is rising only because they have to – now let’s look at a morning for someone who is excited to wake up and uses her time wisely and productively: Your alarm goes off. Maybe you’re waking with the alarm or maybe you’re already awake because you’ve trained yourself to wake up this early. And it is early. But that’s ok, you go to bed early enough each night that you’re able to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, so waking up this early isn’t so bad.

You look over at your clock – it says 4:30 am. You get up 3 hours earlier than when you have to leave for work. Not 3 hours before the time you have to be there, but 3 hours before your actual commute to work, so you have enough time.

Whenever you mention how early you get up to a friend it’s always the same surprised reaction, “What do you do with all that time!?” You swing your legs over the bed, with a slight grin, shaking off any remaining sleepiness. You put on your running clothes. You walk to your kitchen and drink some water – after all, you have to remain hydrated, right? You begin making your coffee and set out all that you need for your healthy breakfast. After everything is complete in the kitchen you’re ready to begin your morning workout.

 As you run you can see the sun rising with you. The quiet of morning almost always surprise you, yet it doesn’t feel lonely – you appreciate the silence as it gives you time to think and reflect. A word comes to mind: serene. You have several good ideas and breakthroughs on your run.

Upon returning, your coffee is ready. You make it just how you like and you make yourself breakfast. Without feeling rushed you are able to finish both coffee and breakfast and sit down to better yourself.

You pick up an earmarked book on how to increase willpower and quietly read for the next hour. Down to your last hour before work, you get ready and mentally prepare yourself for the day. You understand what you will be doing today and what will be expected of you. You’re ready to tackle this day head on. Though your commute for work is long, you’ve left enough time that you aren’t stressed about being to work on time. You spend the time in your car either learning from an audiobook, listening to your favorite music, or silently centering yourself.

Work is a breeze. You work hard and passionately, understanding that everything you complete is bettering you. When you return home, you have enough time to relax and unwind before going to bed and starting another tranquil day.

Doesn’t this sound so much more fulfilling than being irritated and rushed every morning?

Please, share your morning routine and what you do to help the day go by smoothly. You might help someone out.