You have the power to design your life of
happiness, health and success
through service to others.

“The seminar was a breakthrough in the thought paradigm for me. It was immensely beneficial in changing the way I think and making me more productive and thus more successful.”
Daron Cameron | O.C. Tanner Rolex Boutique

“Dr. Neibauer’s presentation on Unconditional Responsibility was an exceptional opportunity to learn proven practices and principles that create success not only in business, but in life. An excellent seminar.”
Jeff Spencer | Resorts West Real Estate

“My UCR purpose is to teach my employees how they can be responsible for serving our customers. If you help other people get what they want, you get what you want.”
Dave Turja | Porsche

You want to grow, succeed and make a great impact. That’s going to require a revolution in thinking. An overhaul in habits. And a massive infusion of energy, responsibility and personal vision. That’s precisely what we bring you with the Unconditional Responsibility™ customized services.

Don’t just increase your productivity – unleash it!

Take control of your life or business and move yourself forward to the next level. Learn from others who’ve done it – prosperous people always learn from those who’ve succeeded before them.

What will happen when all employees at your company operates at their top potential every day?
What will happen when every one of your customers is treated with the world-class service he or she deserves?
What will happen when everyone at every level is executing his or her plan – aligned with your business goals – to be Unconditionally Responsible?

What are you waiting for?  This can be your reality by applying the principles of UCR.

Unconditional Responsibility’s customized services turn the answers to these questions into your business reality. The benefits include:

·         Soaring morale among individuals and across teams – banish negativity and its counterproductive impact
·         Increased productivity – UCR employees work more efficiently and effectively than their peers
·         Unification around goals – UCR employees understand why and how they contribute every day in every way to the common goals
·         Enhanced loyalty – UCR employees are fiercely loyal and save time and resources through less absenteeism and turnover than their peers
·         Improved sales and profitability – UCR employees go the extra mile to meet and exceed expectations and targets

Current Service Packages:

UCR Platinum Power Workshops - UCR customized workshops build on the 7 UCR principles, integrated with your real-world scenarios. Participants focus on lifting every level of their personal and professional lives and leave with action steps they can put into place immediately. Training is an event – learning is a process. After the seminar, proven reinforcement strategies strengthen the impact of the UCR workshop through virtual tips and strategies for managers as UCR mentors.
UCR Rainmaker Sales Success Workshops - What happens when the power of your sales team is unleashed through the UCR philosophy? Sales team members become trusted advisors. Customers become loyal and refer others. Profits and profitability increase. Talk to us about your goals for sales success, and learn what UCR can do for your business today.
UCR Coaching - UCR offers the only coaching system tied to the 7 UCR principles. UCR coaches are selected based on their unique experience with the UCR philosophy as well as the breadth and depth of their work with individual and team development. We work with you to develop a customized coaching plan and timeline based on your goals.
UCR Workforce Consulting - UCR applies across the entire employee life cycle – from hiring and on boarding, through training and development, and beyond. UCR consultants can help ensure your workforce sustains UCR to maximize results.

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