You have the power to design your life of
happiness, health and success
through service to others.

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Strength in Thoughts

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Believing that your thoughts have strength is a powerful step in understanding Unconditional Responsibility. You are responsible for everything you have in your life. Being your own architect of that life means you need to have a tool to construct your life. You have that tool already: your thoughts. The same creative power as the read more…

More on Unconditional Responsibility and Thoughts

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Unconditional Responsibility teaches us that whatever situation we have in life we have attracted by the person we have become. Using reasons like parents, bad relationships, and poor health for situations in our lives does not help us improve ourselves and does not help us conquer the challenges that we face. Once a philosophy of read more…

More on Unconditional Responsibility and Love

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When referring to our love of others we like to use the phrase “unconditional,” though, like most things, we say this without fully appreciating what it means. When you love someone unconditionally, by definition, it means you love that person regardless of what they choose to do. If you are truly unconditionally responsible and if read more…

Unconditional Responsibility and Who We Are

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Unconditional Responsibility in our lives always aligns with who we are as people. As human beings we are endowed with creative ability – our thoughts allow us to create anything once we recognize that we possess this power. We must think about what we really want and keep this in our minds until it is read more…