The Benefits of Rising Early

We’ve all heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm.” Most of us probably brush it off as nothing more than a saying without really considering whether or not it’s true.

Forbes’ website has an article that lends more weight behind the saying. This article cites many studies conducted by different institutions such as a Texas University study which stated that students who got up earlier had a significantly higher GPA than those who stayed up late. Christoph Randler, a biologist at Harvard also found that those who wake up earlier are more proactive and are better at anticipating problems.

These aren’t the only thing that earlier risers have going for them either: statistically, they are better planners, get better sleep, are more optimistic, and have more family time when they get home from work.

The benefits of rising early far outweigh the benefits of going to sleep later. By waking up earlier you have time to exercise, which Forbes says “Many successful business people get up early” to do; you have time to think in quiet, helping you focus for the day; and you have an easier commute to work!

Get up a few hours before you normally have to this week so that you have time for yourself before work. You’ll find more time to work on what you’re interested in working on and better yourself in the process!