You have the power to design your life of
happiness, health and success
through service to others.
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Hear Our Philosophy

It’s a mindset of action that leads to success. It is the way one believes and behaves when operating at their highest potential, giving their greatest service, and fulfilling their personal purpose. Unconditional Responsibility ™ (UCR) awakens the thought that you have the power to design a life of happiness, health and success through service to others. LEARN MORE »

Customized Services

You want to grow, succeed and make an impact. That’s going to require a revolution in your thinking. An overhaul of your habits. And a massive infusion of energy and personal vision. That’s precisely what we bring you with the Unconditional Responsibility Services. LEARN MORE »

Unconditional Responsibility

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What People Are Saying

“My purpose is to teach my employees how they can be responsible for serving our customers. If you help other people get what they want, you get what you want.” – Dave Turja
“This will change the way you think. And that will change the way you live. Unconditional Responsibility is not fluff. It underlies every 'best practice' found in high-achievers.” John Baird | Chief Legal Counsel for Anolinx
“Dr. Neibauer’s presentation on Unconditional Responsibility was an exceptional opportunity to learn proven practices and principles that create success not only in business, but in life. An excellent seminar.” Jeff Spencer | Resorts West Real Estate
“In life we can get hung up on trivial things, mostly it’s due to our philosophy. Unconditional Responsibility is just the philosophy everyone needs. Use it and watch how your life changes. It will astound you.” Dr. Toussaint Crawford DDS